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5 SEO Tips To Get Your Website To The Top Of Google Search After Penguin 4.0 Update

penguinIt may have been a while back now, but millions are still struggling to get their sites back to strength since Google’s Penguin 4.0 update. Both organic and paid search have transformed massively over recent months and years, making it difficult to know where and how to start the climb-back.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of 8 tried and tested SEO tips to help give your business and your website a nudge in the right direction:

1. First up, be sure to optimise your website in accordance with how Google’s Rankbrain AI system gets the job done. The long and short of it being that you need to focus on the kinds of unique long-form queries and answers that are becoming the new face of search. To do this, you need enough original content to provide context for your keywords. It takes time, research and trial & error to get it right, but it’s the only way forward right now.

2. Next up, be aware of the fact that not only are consumers these days anything but brand-loyal, but they are also active all the time and ready to act in an instant. As such, strong focus on ‘near me’ search queries is highly advisable, rather than attempting to cast your SEO net too wide.

3. Also important is optimising for voice search and natural language. Now more than ever, consumers are beginning to turn to voice search as their primary search method, which in every instance creates search terms and results that are very different to those of text search.

4. Try to tailor your optimisation efforts in a manner that provides direct answers to the kinds of questions your target audience members ask. The more specific you are, the better your chances of ranking highly. Your content could even appear in a “rich snippet” which highlights it at the top of the results pages, if it ranks highly enough and is formatted in such a way that Google sees it as a trusted answer to a question.

5. Last but not least, most of the power and influence these days may be in organic listings, but PPC still holds its own unique value. So while paying in hard currency to get your brand and website to the top of the rankings may seem like a con at times, it is at least an approach that’s largely guaranteed to work!