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6 Ways to Use Video to Increase Conversion Rates

conversion_rateBeen wondering how you can work with video to send conversion rates in the right direction? Here’s a quick rundown of six tried, tested and approved methods that could add up to a real difference:

1. First of all, try inserting a lead capture form in the first 15% of the video and see what happens. It might sound like an odd idea, trying to capture leads early in the video, but it often proves surprisingly effective. A study carried out by Wistia on 15,000 videos with lead capture forms found that those placed early on had the highest conversion rates of all.

2. Next up, never underestimate the power and influence of a smiling face. In terms of thumbnails, studies have shown that those featuring smiley human beings tend to attract far more clicks than those of text, random images or glum-looking people. It seems we can’t resist a smile!

3. Keeping your videos short and as entertaining as possible from the word go is also of the utmost importance. Engagement it near total at the beginning, though immediately begins to fade away as time goes on. The shorter the video and the more entertaining therefore, the better the engagement from start to finish.

4. Focusing on trust and personality can also make a big difference to your videos. Think about how you can reach out to your audience in an instant, in a way that might prove impossible with static text. Putting a face and human quality to your business can transform the way it is interpreted by your target audience.

5. Don’t forget that there’s always the option of sending personalised videos to your target audience members, or at least videos that appeal directly to much smaller groups. When the recipient feels as if they are being addressed directly, the video’s message and influence increase exponentially.

6. Last but not least, use marketing automation to leverage video viewership. Roughly translated, use tools that allow you to see who has watched say 25%, 75% or 100% of your video, in order to know how, when and with what to target them.