How to Provide SEO Services in 2016

seo_servicesProviding SEO services successfully in 2016 is a whole different ball game. The rulebook has been rewritten dozens of times and what used to prove effective can now prove quite to the contrary.

So if you’re looking to get it right with SEO from a 2016 perspective, what should you be focusing your efforts on?

1. The Rise and Rise of Social

Well, the one thing we know isn’t going to change in the years and decades to come is the power and influence of social. Research has shown that more than 80% of marketers already use social media, but chances are this will edge ever closer to the 100% mark going forwards. If you don’t hack into the power of social media as part of an SEO strategy, you’re missing out.

2. Video Gains Traction

Not only do videos tend to get up to 50 times better organic page ranks than standard text, but video content is also infinitely more engaging, persuasive and shareable. Click-through rates are also exponentially higher for video content, adding up to an era where overlooking the power of video could be quite catastrophic.

3. Mobile Optimisation a Must

It’s no longer a case of being mobile-friendly; it’s a case of being mobile-focused. Right now, 80% of consumers are using mobile devices for purchases, more than 1.2 billion use their devices to access the web and mobile search has well and truly overtaken desktop in most key global regions. Armed with these figures alone, you should be able to work out exactly how critical focus on mobile SEO really is.

4. Going Local

Last up, as mobile devices become more intrinsically woven into the fabric of the consumer’s everyday life, local SEO will continue to grow in power and importance. Consumers these days are more interested in the opportunities and service providers in their immediate vicinity than those in far-off locations. Instead of casting marketing nets too wide, those that focus on local are right now attracting the most interest.

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