Choosing the right keywords for optimisation

Adding the right keywords to your contents is critical for your SEO. Keywords can be applied to the title and throughout the content to make it effective. So to help you add in the right keywords to your article, we’ve gathered the following basic tips to get you started.

Consider your topic

Find out the main subject and the main theme. How can the readers benefit from reading your article, what would they gain?  Also what questions does it contain and how is it answered?

Go with the long tail

Now that you have researched your keywords, you might get stuck with choosing keywords that are too mainstream or has too many high search volume. If this happens, you can always try the long tails which in layman’s terms using keywords that have 3 or more phrases as some could be utilised for the topic. You can always check the phrases on Google Analytics to find out about the phrases.

List your keywords

Before using an automated keyword search tool, you need to ask yourself what would you type in the search engine if you wanted to find content on the same topic. So list all of the keywords that you can think of on paper. Make sure that the keywords are no less than two words!

Research your keywords

Once you have a list of keywords, it’s time to research about each of them. The Google Keyword Planner can come in handy for this task especially if you’re looking for a free keyword search tool.

Double the keyword

Keywords that contain a high volume search can be applied to your long tail phrase and can be placed on your content twice as they can be a useful keyword for your content.

Place your keyword in the headline

Putting the keywords in your headline could have a positive effect on your ranking especially if you are looking to rank them on the first pages. The headlines are the first thing you see on a search engine, so it’s important that the main keywords are in place.

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